My First “Thank you” For the Anthology

I just wanted to thank “Monty” for his nice review of The Tales of the Star Force Anthology. It was the first ever review of the anthology and I was proud that it was a positive one. My favorite part of the review was that although he read all of the Tales separately, Monty felt they flowed and read much better as a single book. The standalone Tales were separated narratively by several months or years but I still tried to inject a sense of progression into each standalone so that one could see the growth of Jack Pierce from teenager to the hero of his son, Captain Jonathan Pierce. Glad to know I succeeded. I thought I had but you never really know until someone tells you. Thank you, Monty. I truly appreciate all you kind words and I am honored that you liked my stories so much you had to read them twice.

4.0 out of 5 stars The Tales of the Star Force Anthology,March 3, 2012
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This review is from: The Tales of the Star Force Anthology (Kindle Edition)

I enjoy the writing anf the flow of the story. The funny part is I read the series first before the complete book. Even through I read the series first;I found reading the story (Tales of the Star Force Antholgy)allowed the un-interrupted flow of the story line which I enjoyed very much. I really hope there are more books of this calibre coming soon.


About Kenneth E. Carper

Kenneth E. Carper made his publishing debut back in September of 06 with the publication of his short story "Rocket Man" in the Pocket Books anthology "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 9". Then he proceeded to do nothing for the next five years. Really. Having sat idle for so long Mr. Carper is now publishing his first first full length novel Star Force. Star Force is available for download at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.
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