Thank You

To quote the great Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Save Ferris!

Indeed, Ferris. Indeed. Life does move pretty fast. The miracles of modern technology have insured speed and convenience in this life. We can have damn near anything we want instantaneously. Instant coffee. Instant rice. Music on demand. Video on demand.  Shit, you can even write a book and have it published instantly and purchase the sucker on demand!

Instant demand! Strong words. Nasty sounding words. But those are the words of this modern era. They’re not bad words. Again they’re indicative of this age of technological miracles and it is a golden age in it’s way. But the words still sound ugly. Instant demand! They bring to mind an image of an incontinent old woman instantly demanding a pair of Depends.

I know… it’s just the way my brain works.

Enough of the digression! The reason I’ve spent far too many paragraphs harping on the words “instant” and “demand” is because I wanted to reintroduce a new pair of words that are far more pleasing to the ear than “instant demand” and are in danger of being lost in this new age.

Those words are “thank” and “you”. Or when put together: Thank you.

In the rush to live faster, savvier and more technologically advanced lives a little thing like gratitude and common courtesy should never be lost in the rush.

I have two people I’d like to thank today. One is one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had. The other is a man I’ve never met. I owe them both a thank you and they’re gonna get it!

The first person I want to thank is Hannah Bosworth.  Hannah is a wonderful, lovely woman whom I’ve known my entire adult life. She’s the person I’m closest to in the world. The first person I tell my thoughts and ideas and bad jokes to. She knows the plots of all my books, even the ones I haven’t written yet because I never shut up about them. Nothing is real until she knows it.

Hannah is the cover artist of all my books. She has an amazing eye. She’s able to bring out a feeling of awe in her spacescapes and a tear to the eye when she’s painting animals. She’s an artist with an eye for the romantic and a compassion and great love for animals and the Earth.

In my opinion she’s the greatest artist in the world. But she’s more than that.

She’s the woman I love and the mother of my three children and I don’t think I could do any of what I do without her and them. She’s given me so much and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you, Hannah. For everything.

Once upon a time in space...

Hiyo silver!

If you like what you see head on over to Deviant Art and check out her gallery. And a special note to all you writers out there, if you need a cover artist she’s for hire and more than worth her weight in gold. You can contact her through her Facebook page.

The second person I would like to thank today is a man I’ve never met. He’s a man from New York City. He’s a man of dignity and taste. A man of wisdom and refinement and unquestioned sophistication.

In other words he’s a man who liked my book and had the class to write a review of it! His name is Antony Chow. Here is his review from

Star Wars Without the Force

Star Force is obviously inspired by the Star Wars movie franchise, and pays homage in a variety of ways. You have a ship captain who has a quick temper, is heroic, and loyal, just like a Han Solo. Next you have a small furball species, like an Ewok, but this character is a fighter pilot. And then there’s an R2D2 like character, except the mech is a megalomaniac with a bad sense of humor. There are more characters as well that are equally quirky, and they all get into various misadventures while trying to stay in one piece.

The author seems to enjoy situational comedy, as the characters in Star Force often seem to end up in circumstances that are funny but life threatening all the same. And this is what stands out in Star Force, when the characters can act like goof balls in one minute, and all business the next. But in the end, the haphazard crew saves the galaxy, though no one’s around to thank them for it.

Star Force is recommended to a more mature readership, due to a sex scene near the front of the book, and plenty of gore mixed into various action scenes all over the book.

You’re all going to think I’m a girly man but I had tears in my eyes when I read that review. While I was reading the review I cried out, “He gets it! He gets it!”

This is probably hard to understand but this is my baby. My first novel. I spent months and months writing it and polishing it and the whole time I worried. Would it read well? Would people see what I was trying to do? Would they have fun reading it? That was the part that concerned me the most.

Was the book fun enough?

Life can be tough. Yes we have all the technological miracles of the modern age but this age is also incredibly stressful. The economy is bad. Gas is expensive. Money doesn’t stretch anywhere near far enough. There are bad days and weeks to be had.

I wanted to take away from the stress and the strife and replace it with laughter and fun. I wanted to take you on a journey to the bright center of the universe and the blackest pits of the galaxy where you fight the meanest villains and a force with the power to shatter the galaxy in two and come back smiling.

If I could just make you smile, just once, it was worth all the worrying on my part.

Antony confirmed it for me. I did my job. Thank you so much, Antony. Your feedback made me smile on a bad day.

And isn’t that what life is all about? Laughter and smiles? If it’s not then it should be!

See you again when Star Force 2 comes out!




About Kenneth E. Carper

Kenneth E. Carper made his publishing debut back in September of 06 with the publication of his short story "Rocket Man" in the Pocket Books anthology "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 9". Then he proceeded to do nothing for the next five years. Really. Having sat idle for so long Mr. Carper is now publishing his first first full length novel Star Force. Star Force is available for download at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.
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