Simon & Cymon

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve missed you all but I’ve been busy. I just started a new day job which I’m very happy with and I’ve been overseeing the editing and the cover art for the next exciting chapter in the Tales of the Star Force, Simon & Cymon.

Simon & Cymon is set during the early days of the Border Wars and features an early battle between the Bezerkians and the brave crew of the Quixote. The main character is one introduced in the last Star Force tale, Dangerous. His name is Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Alistair Mycroft Simon IV and he’s the best friend of Jack Pierce the main hero of the Tales.

I’m not going to give much away right now since it won’t debut until early next week but I will say that it was a real kick to see the Tales era from the point of view of someone who isn’t a Pierce. Simon has this broad Grant Naylor outlook on the universe that just cracks me up. Ego laced with pathos and fully loaded with heart. Beyond this historic first, it’s also the first time I’ve given Jack Pierce a chance to make a heroic decision that isn’t purely black and white. I’ve given Jack a dilemma that doesn’t have a true right or wrong answer. It’s a dilemma that I think will force Jack and Simon and all of our characters to reexamine their morals and their humanity and ask themselves one hard question.

If you could bring someone you truly loved back to life, would you? It sounds like an easy question to answer but consider this; would you bring them back if you knew you would be crippling them for the rest of their lives? Is your happiness more important than the quality of your loved one’s life?

It’s the most difficult question I’ve truly asked of these characters and their decision will change things in the Tales universe forever.

Tales of the Star Force: Simon & Cymon will be available next week and it’s to be followed shortly thereafter by Dark Night of the Snowman.

The hauntingly beautiful cover is by the great cover artist Hannah Bosworth. Every time I tell her what I want for my cover she not only gives it to me but she gives it to me better than even I ever imagined it could be. Thanks again, Hannah. Spot on as always!


About Kenneth E. Carper

Kenneth E. Carper made his publishing debut back in September of 06 with the publication of his short story "Rocket Man" in the Pocket Books anthology "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 9". Then he proceeded to do nothing for the next five years. Really. Having sat idle for so long Mr. Carper is now publishing his first first full length novel Star Force. Star Force is available for download at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.
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